Future-proof company – We are awarded

Zukunftsfest Zertifikat des Landes Niedersachsen

NgC is facing up to the issues of demographic change and digitalization: the focus topic of international cooperation on cloud-based server structures with the daughter company KTA (Kamany Talent Academie) has always been an integral part of our daily work. 

We use the opportunity of digitalization to develop new business models and innovation strategies and to innovate working conditions. Our leadership concepts and values are oriented toward a mobile and networked working world. In this context, a corporate culture that promotes learning characterizes our day-to-day work: we make all employees aware of our training opportunities.  

Now, with the certificate from the Ministry, we can also demonstrate to the outside world what has always been practiced at NgC GmbH and is an integral part of our corporate philosophy: innovative working conditions in the spirit of digitization. 

With the “Future-proof Company” certificate, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, Labor, Transport and Digitalization, together with the “Demografie Agentur” (Demography Agency), honors companies that are positioning themselves for the future and want to pursue this path sustainably. 

Digitalization here means not only technology, but also the involvement of the workforce in times of demographic change. 

Here’s to an excellent future! 

When the information about the award reached us, the joy could hardly be contained: There was dancing, singing and work briefly remained beside the point.  

Our Managing Director, Mr. Gilles Ngameni, associates this with a very special milestone in the company’s development. We hold the certification in honor and will continue to strive to drive the digital transformation internally as well as externally. 

Due to the current developments during the Covid-19 topic, the Future Festival took place in July 2021 at the Hanover Zoo. We personally received our award again officially by the Lower Saxony Minister for Economy, Labor, Transport and Digitalization, -Mr. Dr. Bernd Althusmann-. 

Here’s to an excellent future! 

Image source: Jelca Kollatsch, Demography Agency