Move to the NEW GLOBE CENTER Heinenkamp II

Everything is new in May – also at NgC GmbH. In May 2021, we were finally able to move into our new company building in Heinenkamp II and are looking forward to the countless opportunities this will bring. The NEW GLOBE CENTER is now home to the two teams from Wolfsburg and Braunschweig, but also offers space for all colleagues from the other locations: Ingolstadt and Magdeburg, as well as the international colleagues from Cameroon. 

New building, new services:  


Empfangsbereich New Globe Center

So, anyone visiting us will be invited to the NEW GLOBE CENTER from May 2021. As a center for knowledge and knowledge exchange, we offer co-working spaces and training rooms for companies and self-employed people who want to grow beyond themselves in a modern environment with the latest technical possibilities. In doing so, we contribute greatly to one of our heartfelt themes: expanding the region’s digital sustainability.  

We know how important a work-life balance is and that’s why the new building offers enough space to grow as well as room for common breaks and exchanges with each other. Whether in the spacious break room with great coffee or over a small round of billiards, communication is also a priority here. 

Neues NgC Gebäude

In the middle of Heinenkamp II, it is not only our services that make us stand out. The building itself is also unique. The greened flat roof provides shelter for wildlife and our outdoor area invites you to dream. Sustainability and looking to the future is not only a core element of our services. It is also reflected in the NEW GLOBE CENTER.