Quality management certification

Since October 2021 we are successfully certified according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. This confirmed that we are a quality-oriented company. We establish process-oriented actions and thereby strive for continuous improvement in quality management.

Quality management as a basis for best services

Zertifikat Qualitätsmanagement

We are certified in the scope of “Services for information and communication technologies in the areas of automotive services and digital solutions; prototypical software/hardware development of technical innovations in the area of automotive services”. This scope enables us to demonstrate to our customers that our internal management meets an international standard. As a partner on the market, we thus officially show our customers what we have been living internally for years:

  • Highest standards for quality, efficiency and sustainability are our own claim! 
  • We guarantee a stable service and a trusting business relationship.
  • Very high customer satisfaction, not least due to a constantly improving perception of our customers.

Our quality claim – understand, improve, take responsibility

We are motivated more than ever by the positive impulses of the certification. Our goal is to initiate continuous improvements in our quality management system and to make our working methods and services even more transparent and sustainable.

Because we constantly measure ourselves against the latest quality standards, our customers benefit from continuously improved cooperation and the guarantee that they will always receive the best possible, all-inclusive service. However, this certification is not just a sign of a company with excellent quality management. Without the strong, trusting cohesion of the team, we would never have reached this milestone. Everyone is an important link in the quality management chain. As part of our corporate philosophy, we put people at the center of every action. This is how we define our success in every case.

We are what drives us – into a quality-assured future