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In our increasingly more technological life, communication is more and more taking place on a digital level. We are communicating digitally more than ever – and becoming a part of the internet of things through devices and machines. Communication itself is becoming part of the service industry.

This isn’t news to NgC CEO Gilles Ngameni, and so in 2012 he fulfilled his longstanding dream of becoming an important part of the dialogue between humans and machines – by founding the NgC GmbH, an ICT service provider specializing in a wide variety of communications services.

People in focus – a lived philosophy

At the NgC we are aware that humans are at the center of all communication. That is why our company’s philosophy is based on the simple statement: People in focus. This means that we value a leveled work-life-balance which can actually be lived. In addition to freely configurable working hours, this also includes enabling a constant possibility for development for every employee. We offer everyone the guarantee of further training in their specific field of activity.

Through this we achieve a company structure that is characterized by experts and the exchange of knowledge. We are enabling growth and are constantly developing our selves and our services. By thinking and acting sustainably, we conserve our recources and are able to offer innovative technologies in the long run.

We are and will always be future-oriented – our innovative prowess and sustainability is not entirely achieved through our personnel policy. Our goal are long-term relationships with both clients and colleagues. We are always casting an eye on the future, both as a local supporter as well as an international player.


Diverse communication requires diverse services. As humans we are in a complex dialogue between people and the relaxation of everyday life through machines. We create a special discourse within our services – we facilitate communication in a wide variety of ways.

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Vehicle diagnostics of the future

In association with 1TNC GmbH, our experts develop intelligent solutions for vehicle communications: from ODX interfaces and testing components to digital communication between smartphones and vehicles. We define innovations that enrich the market and signify new solutions that connect vehicle and vehicle owner.

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Communication without limits

With our digital agency Digital Solutions we create individual solutions for web design and app development. We do not stop at anything: We create concepts, designs and programming for state-of-the-art and classic websites, online shops and apps for perfect communication with your customer.

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Creating freedom

At the NEW GLOBE CENTER we’re defining our own work-life-balance for future-oriented and sustainable work. As a center for knowledge and knowledge exchange, we offer co-working spaces and training rooms for companies and the self-employed

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